Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing? What is it? By definition, dynamic means "constant change." Rates will be adjusted - both higher and lower - in real-time, based on demand, availability and other changing factors (yes, even Mother Nature plays her role in this new strategy).

While this may be new to the game of golf; airlines, hotels and even your favorite sports teams are utilizing this powerful new pricing strategy... with rates changing daily, in real-time, Dynamic Pricing gives you the chance to find the rate and time that works best for you.

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Posted Rates

Winter Rates Now In Effect

November 4, 2018 through March 3, 2019

Regular Rates Monday - Friday Saturday & Sunday
9 holes with cart $18 $21
9 holes walking
$11 $14
18 holes with cart $30 $35
18 holes walking $16 $21
Senior rate with cart** $28  
Student rate with ID
$28 $35
Twilight* - 18 holes with cart $25 $28

*after 1pm
**55 and older

For our best available rate, click here to book a tee time.

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